Also consider signing up to work with us(check the “Crew” page).

General guidelines

  • Plagiarism is not tolerated and if caught, you will be reported.
  • Previously published work is accepted, however, unpublished work is given top priority. 

NOTE: Work that appears on personal blogs/channels is considered previously published but gets a higher priority than that published in journals or publications.

  • Derivative work(fanfiction or spin-off stories) is allowed only if all legal rights have been obtained and the work has its own originality.
  • Standard formatting is expected, unless your work requires otherwise.
  • We are currently unable to pay for contributions, however all your social profiles will be listed in the issue as well as on some of our social sites. Compensation for previous contributions may be given when the journal becomes profitable.
  • We are a youth-oriented magazine hence submissions from younger creators(under 25) are encouraged and all content must be PG-13.
  • If previously unpublished, it is requested that you mention that it was first published at Litwood.
  • Rights: Publishing rights always rest with the author, however we request you to not publish your work elsewhere for atleast 3 months after the Litwood Plan issue is released.


While we will read submissions, the magazine does not officially go into operation until May 1st. You can expect a reply one month after operations begin.

How to submit

All submissions must be sent by e-mail to
The e-mail must contain:

  • The subject as ‘[Category] Submission’
  • A cover letter(please explain why you want to submit here- short and sweet),
  • A short biography of the submitter(no more than 200 characters),
  • History of the work(the most important being where it has been previously published and when, you may also offer the creator’s intent of the work in a total of no more than 100 words)
  • The work must be attached AFTER the history of the work.

Sample e-mail

Dear Editors,

—cover letter—

—Submitter’s biography—

—history of submission #1—

—submission #1—

—history of submission #2—

—submission #2—[etc.]




  • No more than three pieces must be sent in.
  • Each piece should not exceed 700 words in length. If it is greatly above this, attach only a suitable thematic excerpt and mention that it is an excerpt.


  • Ideally they should be within the length of around 3000 words.
  • Reviews that highlight newer work or lesser known work are preferred.
  • The reviewer must at least briefly mention the opposite viewpoint and not be immediately biased.
  • Reviews of media in the English language only are accepted.


  • Prose of length 75 words to around 5000 words are accepted.
  • All types of fiction and nonfiction prose is accepted.
  • If the piece exceeds 5000 words by a great amount, send only a thematic excerpt and we will ask you for the rest.


  • Please directly e-mail us with your pitch.


  • Originals as well as covers are accepted however originals are given priority.

They can be sent as:

1. a video/audio in the body of the e-mail if possible,

2. A Google drive URL(link),

3. A SoundCloud URL(link)

4. A YouTube URL(link),

5. Any other URL on a video/audio-hosting site.

NOTE: It is not necessary that there should be any video accompanying it. All universal media types accepted.


  • All types of visual art-comics, graphic art, sketches, etc. are accepted along with audio-music of any genre and instrument, speeches, slam performances,etc. and video-short/feature films, performances of dance, drama, etc.
  • E-mail us directly with either your work or a description of it with the subject ‘Other Submission’